Whether you are interested in trimming your office lighting and cooling bills, making the warehouse a little brighter, or moving your facility from old and inefficient metal halides to T5 or T8 Hi Bay fixtures, BR Electric can help.

We specialize in using the latest technology to make your facility energy efficient.

Payback and Return on Investment
Energy Retrofitting your business or home will provide you with tremendous benefits. Not only will you know you are positively affecting the environment, you will also experience these benefits:

  • Decreased Electricity Bills
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Electricity Consumption
  • Increase Employee Safety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Lighting Quality
  • Receive refunds on past bills
  • Longer Electric Motor life
  • Increase your property and business value
  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Tax Deductions and Rebates


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